2023 AAEOY / CIEUSA-GNYC Annual Convention Technical Program

Two Parallel Sessions : Parallel Session I , Parallel Session II

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Parallel Sessions I




Vehicular Technology


Palisades I

Palisades II

Palisades III

Session Chair

Dr. Ming-Hung Chen, Staff Research Scientist, IBM Research


Dr. Chonggang Wang, Principal Engineer, InterDigital,Inc.

Dr. Rose Hu, IEEE Fellow, Associate Dean & Professor of College of Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering, Utah State University


Greg Benn, Senior
Director, Safety & Airworthiness Functional Chief Engineer, The Boeing Company


Dr. Zhou Yu,
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University


to Generative AI and its Dialog Applications


Dr. Max (Chong) Li, CEO,
Computecoin Network, and Adjunct Professor,
Columbia University


Introduction to Generative AI and its Dialog Applications

Dr. Xidong Xu, Technical Fellow, Enterprise Safety, Chief
Aerospace Safety Office, ET&T, The Boeing Company


An Emerging
Total System Approach to Improving Global Aerospace Safety


Dr. Wei Zhang,
Senior Research Scientist, IBM Research


Distributed Deep Learning

Dr. Guiling (Grace) Wang
, Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of Computer Science,
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)


Opportunists and Challenges

Dr. Yi Qian, IEEE
Fellow, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA


Learning and Misbehavior Detections for Vehicular Communication Networks


Dr. Pin-Yu Chen,
Principal Research Scientist, IBM Research AI


An Eye for
AI: Towards Scientific Approaches for Evaluating and Improving Robustness and
Safety of Foundation Models

Dr. Shucheng Yu, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering department, Director,
Analytics and Information Security Laboratory (AISecLab), Steven Institute of


Toward Autonomous and Intelligent Privacy and Data Security in Metaverse

Dr. Haijian Sun, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical
and Computer Engineering, The University of Georgia.


Driving the
Future: Wireless Communication Solutions for Electrified Transportation


3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Parallel Sessions II



Business and Management

Cloud Computing


Palisades III

Palisades II

Palisades I

Session Chair

Chair: Dr. Jen-Hao Yeh,
Research Scientist, IBM Quantum


Dr. Tung-lung
Steven Chang, Professor of Marketing and International Business, Long Island
University-Post (LIU-Post) College of Management

Dr. I-Hsin Chung,
Research Staff Member, IBM Research


Dr. Wen-Sen Lu,Staff Research Scientist, IBM Quantum


and Challenges in Scaling up Superconducting Quantum Processors

Dr. Weichun Zhu,  Associate
Professor of Management, Kean University


Leadership with Both
Moral Person
Moral Manager” Aspects: Scale Development and Cross‐Cultural Validation

Dr. Che-Rung Lee,
Associate Professor of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University


Cuju, virtualization
fault tolerance


Dr. Javad Shabani, Director of Center for Quantum Information
Physics and Associate Professor of Physics, New York University


realization of protected qubits using topological superconductivity


Dr. Wei Yang,
Associate Professor, Long Island University at Post


Unknown Private Valuation in Generalized Second Price Position Auction

Dr. Seetharami Seelam, Principal
Research Scientist and Technical Lead, IBM Research


co-design for flexible training of foundation models in the cloud


Dr. Shu-Jen Han,
Vice President, R&D, SeeQC


Scalable Energy-Efficient
Quantum Computer

Dr. Mike Chao (Chenho Chao), Director of the Russ Berrie
Institute for Professional Sales and Professor of Marketing, Cotsakos College of Business, William Paterson University
of New Jersey


The Effect
of Dialectical Thinking on the Integration of Contradictory Information

Susan Diamond
Senior Engineering Manager,  Twilio Inc.


Scalable Cloud Service