2006 – 2010 Awardees

2006 Awardees

Dr. Harold Hwaling Szu 斯 華 齡For his contribution to neural networks applications in information sciences
Mr. John T.Yu余 俊 彥
Dr. Yi-Kang An安 宜 康For his dedicated service to the Institute

2007 Awardees

Dr. Tse Wen Chang張 子 文For his contribution to insights in making genetically engineered antibodies and bioscience area
Dr. Stephen Y. Chou周 郁For his contribution to nanoscale patterning and the scaling of devices
Dr. James C. M. Hwang黃 正 民For his contribution to development of molecular beam epitaxy manufacturing and hetero-structure devices and materials
Mr. Huaping Huang黃 華 平For his contribution to lead the development of the largest hydroelectric river dam (China Yangtze Three Gorges Dam) in the world
Dr. Biing-Hwang Juang莊 炳 湟For his contribution to speech coding and speech recognition
Mr. Kuo-Ann ChiaoFor his dedicated service to the Institute

2008 Awardees

Ms. Mary S. Chan 肖 美 蕾For her leadership in wireless innovation
Dr. Jay Lee李 杰For his leadership in manufacturing development and devoted service to engineering community
Dr. Paul Lin林 寶 樹For his leadership in technology and industry development of broadband information and digital video
Dr. Ralph Yang楊 祖 保For his contribution to hydrogen research
Dr. Chein-Chi Chang張 建 祺For his dedicated service to the Institute

2009 Awardees

Ms. Anne H. Chow周 慧 安For her leadership in business development and entrepreneurship
Dr. Jingshown Wu吳 靜 雄For his contributions in telecommunication development in Taiwan
Dr. Hai-Lung Dai戴 海 龍For his contributions in molecular and surface sciences
Dr. H. Jonathan Chao趙 鴻 翔For his dedicated service to this Institute

2010 Awardees

Dr. Jason Hsuan 宣 建 生For his leadership in business development and entrepreneurship
Dr. Andrew Wang 王 惠 鈞For his outstanding contributions in anti-cancer drug-DNA complex