1966 – 1970 Awardees

1966 Awardees

Prof. C. J. Huang黃 振 榮 Research in interphase mass transfer mechanisms.
Prof. Tung-Hua Lin林 同 燁 Authority on elastic and plastic behavior of structures to dynamic load.
Dr. P. K. Tien田 炳 耕 Outstanding research on parametric amplifiers and gas lasers.

1967 Awardees

Prof. Arthur W. Lo羅 旡 念 Formation of some of the fundamental principles of digital electronics and development of a number of semiconductor and magnetic digital devices and circuits.
Dr. Wellington H. T. Loh陸 孝 同 Leading authority on dynamics and thermodynamics of re-entry and planetary entry.

1968 Awardees

Prof. Chih-Bing Ling林 致 平 Researcher in the field of applied mechanics and mathematics.
Prof. Chia-Shun Yih易 家 訓 Recognized for his achievements on the theory of nonhomogeneous stratified flow.
Mr. Edward K. Nieh聶 光 坡 Instrumental in the formulation of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, New York, Inc.

1969 Awardees

Dr. Morgan C. Y. Sze施 銓 元 In recognition for his work in the field of Chemical Engineering.
Dr. An Wang王 安Development of computer systems and electronic calculators.

1970 Awardees

Dr. Way Dong Woo何 惠 棠 For his contribution in the field of digital systems.