2016 – 2019 Awardees

2016 Awardees

Dr. Charles Ching-Hsiang Hsu徐清祥   For his vision and leadership in the semiconductor
Dr. Minda Ho何岷達For his technical leadership in industry gas production and extraordinary contribution to the Chinese chemical
Dr. Paul TangFor his leadership in driving health information technology to improve the quality of health care.
Dr. Tien-Jen Cheng鄭天人For his devoted service to this institute.

2017 CIEUSA Centennial Awardees

Dr. James Si-Cheng Chao趙錫成For his leadership in adopting energy-efficient and eco-friendly ship design and technology.
Dr. Man-Chung Tang鄧文中For his outstanding contribution to bridge design and construction engineering.
Dr. Janpu Hou侯展璞For his leadership in developing fiber optic technology and establishing the Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC).
Dr. Sean S H. Wang王韶華For his contribution to high-tech incubation and international research collaboration.
Mr. RIchard Liu劉強東For his visionary leadership in developing the e-commerce platform and drone technology.
Mr. William Yeh葉振忠For hiscontribution to information-sharing technology and integrated case management system.
Dr. C. Eric Wu吳振藩For his contribution to the Institute, and to the computer industry in the areas of computer architecture, operating system, and cloud automation.
Dr. Jun-Min Liu劉主民For his contribution to the advancement of scheduling algorithm, capacity planning, and risk management in telecom and aviation industries

2018 Awardees

Dr. Yuh-Jier Mii 米玉傑For his leadership at TSMC and the semiconductor technology.
Dr. Kang Wang王康隆For his leadership in magnetic memory technologies and contributions to topological spintronics.
Mr. Clement Lin 林茂昌For his leadership at Nexcom, Robotics, Industry 4.0, and being the driving force in Taiwan.
Dr. Kun-Lung Wu 吳坤龍For his contribution to the Institute.
Dr. Howard Chen陳浩For his contribution to the Institute.

2019 Awardees

Mr. Clement Lin 卓桐華For his leadership at Inventec Corp. and the electronics industry in Taiwan
Prof. Jeannette M. Wing周以真For her intellectual leadership in computer science, particularly in trustworthy computing
Prof. Stephen S. Yau丘錫生For his dedication and leadership in software engineering and science
Prof. Yuanyuan Zhou周源源For her setting-up an exemplary model to the Chinese American Community as both an outstanding researcher and a successful entrepreneur
Dr. I-Hsin Chung鍾一新For his contribution to the Institute.