1961 – 1965 Awardees

1961 Awardees

Prof. Tung-Yen Lin林 同 棪 Leading authority on Prestressed Concrete.
Dr. Wen-Yuan Pan 潘 文 淵 Contribution to the Ultra-high frequency technique, leading to the implementation of wider field of television service.
Dr. Luke C. L. Yuan袁 家 騮 Well-known figure on design, construction and experiments on high energy accelerators.

1962 Awardees

Prof. David K. Cheng鄭 鈞 Advanced research on antenna and phased array.
Dr. Thomas T. H. Lee李 天 和 Research and development of high-power vacuum interrupters for the power industry.
Prof. Shih I Pai柏 實 義 Theories on magnetogasdynamics and plasma dynamics.

1963 Awardees

Prof. Shu-Tien Li李 書 田 Well-known author and consulting engineer. Also his development work on Unified Energy-Matrix Analysis."
Prof. Chia Chiao Lin林 家 翹 Contributions to the theory of hydrodynamic stability and theory of turbulence.

1964 Awardees

Dr. Kern K. N. Chang張 可 南 Outstanding theoretical and experimental research on electro-beam focusing and on parametric and tunnel diode devices.
Prof. H. Y. Fan范 緒 筠 Achieved international prominence in searching for the essential physical characteristics of semiconductors.
Mr. T.C. Tsao趙 曾 玨 Engineer, scientist, author and administrator of international renown. Fellow IEEE, Fellow AAS, MCIE, MIKE (United Kingdom), MASME, MIM, etc. Ardent supporter and past president of CIE.

1965 Awardees

Prof. Ven-te Chow周 文 德 World-known contribution in open-channel hydraulics.
Prof. Y. C. Fung馮 肇 楨 Authority on aeroelasticity and solid state mechanics.
Prof. Choh-Hao Li李 卓 皓 World famous bio-chemist, first isolated ACTH, then TSH, recently completed analysis of HGH (human growth hormone).