1981 – 1985 Awardees

1981 Awardees

Dr. T.S. Lin林 挺 生 In recognition of his outstanding industrial leadership, educator and citizenship.
Mr. Yung-Ning Wei韋 永 寧 In recognition of his exemplary leadership in promoting industrial development in the Republic of China.
Dr. Leonard Y. Liu劉 英 武 In recognition of his outstanding organizational capability and system management and operation.
Dr. Y. L. Fan范 又 陵 In recognition of his excellent leadership in CIE operation.

1982 Awardees

Mr. Yi-Ting Wong汪 彝 定 In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the international trade promotion for ROC.
Mr. S. F. Tung董 世 芬 In recognition of his life-long devoted service in petrochemical industry and as a successful manager of national enterprise.
Dr. Hwa-Nien Yu虞 華 年 In recognition of his outstanding contribution to silicon technology and his pioneering work in VLSI technology.
Mr. T. F. Huang黃 子 發 In recognition of his numerous contributions in naval architecture and his successful design and building of the world's largest crude oil tanker.
Dr. Roxy Ni Fan范 倪 如 珍 In recognition of her contribution to the modern printing technology.
Mr. Y. C. Yang楊 裕 球 In recognition of his devoted institute service and working spirit.

1983 Awardees

Dr. King-Sun Fu傅 京 生 For his leadership in Engineering education and contribution to pattern recognition.
Mr. David S. Lee李 善 麟 For his successful development of computer peripheral industry.
Dr. Chi-Cheng Chang張 繼 正 For his leadership in applied scientific management to government service.
Mr. Ta-hai Lee李 達 海 For his unique effort and success in petroleum industry.
Mrs. Linda Liu劉 黎 琬 For her devoted service to CIE/USA.

1984 Awardees

Dr. Morris Chang張 忠 謀 For his outstanding leadership and pioneering contribution to electronic industry.
Dr. David H. Cheng鄭 鴻 For his outstanding contribution to engineering education.
Dr. T. Y. ShenFor his outstanding achievement in medicinal
Dr. S. S. Shu徐 賢 修 For his contribution in promoting industrial
Dr. Vivin W. Yen嚴 吳 舜 文 For her pioneering contribution and leadership in textile and automotive industries in the Republic of China.

1985 Awardees

Dr. Alfred Y. Cho卓 以 和 For his outstanding research in new technology, materials and devices.
Mr. W. M. Lu盧 偉 民 For his achievement in city planning both in the USA and abroad.
Dr. David I. J. Wang王 義 炤 For his advancement of new technology and new industrial ventures.
Dr. Taylor G. Wang王 贛 駿 For his contribution to space physics.
Dr. C. H. Yen閻 振 興 For his pioneering promotion of METS and the USA and abroad.