The Art and Science of Home Gardening

Dr. Kun-Lung Wu

  • IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
  • CIE-GNYC Advisor & 2017-President


  • 12 noon EDT, Saturday, June 20, 2020
  • Members & Invitation only


Home gardening is challenging, but it can be very rewarding for both the bodies and the minds. As with any human endeavor, it takes patience and repeated practices to achieve satisfactory results. I have been learning home gardening in the past 10 years and continuing to practice. In this presentation, I will first share a photo tour of my pandemic garden 2020. Then I will share the tips and my experiences with various plants and tasks, including seedlings, garlic, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, blackberry, beans, composting, raised beds, self-watering containers, trellises, stakes, fencing, weather, insects, diseases and animals. Finally, I will share some FAQs and answer questions.




Webinar Recording 

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