Application Developing Method and System

(AI, Big Data & SaaS)


Date: Thur. 4/29

Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT



William Yeh

CEO, CSI Technology Group


Over the past few years, the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data has proven to be the most potential to open up new frontiers for future business with expansibilities. AI and Big data have ameliorated the efficiency in our daily life, we can easily find patterns between variables and variables, and these variables are highly relevant to the user’s industry and business processes.

This talk will elaborate on how we as a software provider allow modern applications easily and quickly deployed to adapt to new requirements, facilitates and streamlines application development, enabling rapid application delivery with no hard coding, as well as quick setup and deployment.  And as on-premise users, how they embrace the cloud solution and benefit from the current mainstream, the new default: SaaS.


About the Speaker:

William Yeh founded CSI Technology Group thirty (30) years ago and now CSI is a leading provider of premier software solutions for eGovernment from public safety and municipal services to judiciary and regulatory. He has led the operations and strategic direction of his company to realize this vision and has successfully provided fully integrated, multi-jurisdictional information sharing systems for police and fire departments, homeland security, prosecutors and attorneys general offices, judiciary and other criminal justice organizations.

Mr. Yeh has partnered with forensic experts, law enforcement leaders and legal scholars to develop solutions that help these agencies fully utilize and share critical information across horizontal and vertical boundaries at all levels of government. He contributes to law enforcement technology forums and associations and brings the latest advances in technology, data sharing, communication and analysis to his clients.