2011 – 2015 Awardees

2011 Awardees

Dr. Burn Lin林 本 堅For his contributions in immersion lithography technology which revolutionizes the global semiconductor manufacturing process
Dr. Jyuo-Min Shyu徐 爵 民For his contributions in nanotechnology and leadership for Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Dr. Paul Lin林 少 達For his dedicated service to this Institute

2012 Awardees

Dr. Victor Zue 舒 維 都For his leadership in developing and executing long-term engagement plan on advanced education in China
Ms. Marjorie Hsu許 鳳 飛For her innovative approach on fusion of business and technology for advancing wireless services
Dr. Kai Li李 凱For his contributions to revolutionize data storage management and scalable display in computer technology
Dr. Rong Chang張 榮For his dedicated service to this Institute

2013 Awardees

Dr. Priscilla Lu 陸 美 衍For her leadership in developing advanced-technology businesses and promoting entrepreneurship education programs
Dr. Shoucheng Zhang 張 首 晟For his groundbreaking discovery of quantum spin Hall Effect
Dr. Shu-Ping Chang 張 書 平For his dedicated service to this Institute

2014 Awardees

Dr. Wen-Hann Wang王文漢For his outstanding technology contributions and corporate leadership
Dr. Xiang Zhang張翔For his pioneering contributions in metamaterials and creation of the first optical superlens with resolutions beyond the fundamental diffraction limit
Dr. XiaoWei Zhung莊小威For her pioneering contributions inbreaking the diffraction barrier with super-resolution imaging of cells
Dr. Howard Chen陳浩For his dedicated service to this Institute

2015 Awardees

Dr. Chih-Kung Lee李世光For his leadership in driving technological innovation and industrial collaboration, and his invention of modal sensors and actuators.
Dr. Tso-Pin Ma馬佐平For his contribution to interdisciplinary research in the science and technology issues related tosemiconductor devices.
and extraordinary contribution to the Chinese chemical
Dr. Donald T. Tang唐道南For his pioneering work on VLSI design automation
and leadership in the development of world’s first
continuous Chinese speech recognition system.
Dr. Yew-Huey Liu劉玉慧For her devoted service to this institute.