1971 – 1975 Awardees

1971 Awardees

Mr. Walter Fei費 驊 For his leadership and outstanding services in engineering management.
Dr. Hsuan Yeh葉 玄 For his outstanding contribution in the field of fluid and analytical mechanics.
Dr. Utah Tsao曹 友 德 For his creative contribution in chemical process design.
Mr. Benjamin K. Cheng鄭 國 賓 Leadership and service to the Chinese Engineering Society.

1972 Awardees

Dr. T. W. Liao廖 增 式 For his high power and high voltage engineering research and development.
Mr. C. D. Shiah夏 勤 鐸 For his contributions in petroleum processes.
Mr. Y. C. Yang楊 裕 球 For his advanced concept in structural design.
Mr. Shao C. Jem詹 紹 啟 For his enthusiastic and consistent service to CIE-USA.

1973 Awardees

Dr. Sin-I Cheng程 心 一 For his contribution to Jet, Rocket, Nuclear, Ion, and Electric Propulsion.
Mr. Jeffrey Chu朱 傳 渠 For his contribution to The Continuous Development and Management of Computer Technology for the Past Quarter Century.
Mr. J. T. Shaw蕭 存 人 For his outstanding leadership in Development Industrial Enterprises and in Fostering International Relationship with Southeast Asia.

1974 Awardees

Mr. Yun-Suan Sun孫 運 璿 For his outstanding leadership and contributions in promoting technological research and development in The Republic of China.
Dr. Hung-Chang Lin凌 宏 璋 For his pioneering contributions to the mono-lithic integrated electronics technology
Dr. Kang-Jen Liu 劉 康 仁 For his outstanding contributions to pure and allied chemistry.

1975 Awardees

Mr. K. T. Li李 國 鼎 For his outstanding contribution to the mobilization of productive resources in the Republic of China.
Dr. Ernest Kuh葛 守 仁 For his outstanding contribution to research and teaching in circuit theory and systems and his leadership in engineering education.
Dr. George C. Sih薛 昌 明 For his outstanding contribution in research and teaching in fracture mechanics.