Session – FinTech Innovations and Applications

Utilizing AI Platform to Build Solutions for the Finance Industry

Speaker: Dr. Ching-Yung Lin (林清詠)

Chief Executive Officer

Graphen, Inc.

500 5th Ave., Fl. 46

New York, NY 10110




Dr. Ching-Yung Lin is the CEO of Graphen, Inc. Headquartered in New York, Graphen has subsidiaries in Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore. Before June 2017, he was the IBM Chief Scientist (specialized in Graph Computing), leading IBM’s AI products R&D in the Financial Industry. He has been an Adjunct Professor in Columbia University since 2005 and was an Affiliate Associate Professor at the Univ. of Washington 2003-2009 and an Adjunct Professor at NYU in 2014. Dr. Lin was named an IEEE Fellow in Nov 2011. Inspired by human’s brain structure being a network of billions to trillions of nodes and edges, Dr. Lin’s research interest has been on realizing Artificial Intelligence of full brain functioning through graph-based technologies. He is an author of 180+ publications and 40+ awarded patents, with 10,000+ citations. Since 2003, Dr. Lin has led several large international projects of 30 ~150 researchers, including then the largest US social media analysis project in 2012-2015. Dr. Lin was a keynote or plenary speaker in 50+ conferences, including being a co-panelist with the White House Chief Data Scientist in the interim annual American Medical Association conference in 2015. He was invited to speak in US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, FINRA, and led projects in the largest banks in US, China, Europe, and Russia. He was the Chair of IEEE CAS Multimedia TC and the General Chair of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Multimedia and Expo 2009. His webpage was the Top 1 search result of Baidu search on Big Data Analytics 2015-2017. Dr. Lin’s works won 7 best paper awards and was featured 4 times by the BusinessWeek magazine, including being the Top Story of the Week in May 2009. In 2010, IBM Exploratory Research Career Review selected Dr. Lin as a researcher in the category of “most likely to have the greatest scientific impact for IBM and the world.” His recent work of “Live Monitoring of COVID-19 Virus Evolution” was featured in media in more than 40 countries.


Human brain is a giant network of 100B nodes and 700T edges. Based on the graph concepts, Graphen is advancing the next-generation AI foundation, Ardi, with full functionality of brains. The Ardi system includes Memory/Database, Analytics, Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, Strategy, Explanation, and Pipeline, and is on its way to add Sense and Conception. Built upon Ardi’s strength in risk prediction, Graphen developed and deployed various advanced AI Finance, Medical, Security, and Automobile solutions. For instance, in the Finance Industry, we have deployed Advanced Insider Threat Monitoring and Detection, Fraud Detection, Core Banking Monitoring, Anti-Money Laundering, and Non-Performing Loan Prediction in the largest banks in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei. In this talk, I shall introduce Graphen Ardi AI foundation, as well as its specific applications in banking, asset management, and insurance industries.