Session Chair– Quantum Computing

Dr. Wen-Sen Lu (呂文森)

Research Staff Member

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

IBM Quantum

Yorktown, NY 10598




Dr. Wen-Sen (Vince) Lu recently graduated from Rutgers University and joined IBM Quantum as a Research Staff Member, and his research focuses on realizing superconducting devices for protective quantum circuits, such as super-inductors and compact resonators. Before he came to US to pursue his degree, he served in tsmc R&D for two and a half years on implementing three-dimensional IC stacking (3DIC) technology into fingerprint sensors and participated in invention of 3D stacked-chip package enabling foundry level wafer packaging with a US patent. Currently he is focusing on integration and simulation of noisy intermediate scale quantum devices in IBM Quantum.

In addition to the research efforts, Wen-Sen devotes his spare energy into promoting quantum education to global audiences, among K-12 and traditional Chinese users. As an IBM Qiskit advocate, he leads and supervises the translation of Qiskit textbook into traditional Chinese for Qiskit community. In the meantime, he also actively participates in hackathons and game jams to collaborate with quantum enthusiastic, where he served as mentor, coach, or judge for multiple virtual online events globally. With the background in quantum hardware and interests in quantum algorithm and education, Wen-Sen dedicates his skill and passion to grow together with the next generation quantum workforce he met on the way of his quantum journey during the NISQ era.

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