Session SpeakerQuantum Computing

Cryogenic hardware for scaling up superconducting quantum computers

Dr. Jen-Hao Yeh (葉人豪)

Senior Electrical Engineer

Rigetti Computing

Berkeley, CA 94710




Jen-Hao Yeh is a senior electrical engineer in Rigetti Computing, where he develops cryogenic microwave hardware and leads system buildout for superconducting quantum computers. He was a postdoc researcher in the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, where he invented cryogenic attenuators for superconducting quantum devices, with a US patent. Jen-Hao received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland in 2013, and his B.S. degree in EE and Physics (double major) at National Taiwan University in 2006.


The superconducting circuit is a promising approach to build large-scale quantum computers, as it is the choice of leading industrial players, for instance, IBM and Google. While there has been considerable progress in understanding the underlying physics in academia for decades, the current industrial development focuses on engineering problems related to scaling. This talk will first introduce the hardware of a superconducting quantum computer and the challenges in scaling up. Then I will present some current development in cryogenic hardware for tackling these challenges.

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