CIE-USA Membership Benefits



March 1, 2002

1.     Communications and Connections around the world through prestigious CIE-USA Membership


2.     CIE Friendship - Recognition around the world CIE History


3.     Senior member coaching young members Leadership Training


4.     Career contacts through CIE-USA, Five Chapters in North America.


5.     Thousands of Members around N. America and Asia


6.     Business Connection through Members


7.     Corporate Membership Support


8.     Proposed CIE Member only High School Student Scholarship Application


9.     CIE Achievement/Service Award Recognition Recommendations


10. Contributing to Communities, Taiwan, and Mainland China through CIE Activities such METS and SATEC


11. Becoming a CIE member to Participate in the National E-Week mainstream activities and Chapter Officers Election.


12. Free or Discount CIE Events/Activities Annual Convention Ticket Price